Find your well-being and spread your wings!

Médecine du Papillon offers body care products to indulge in sweet moments.

Made from dried plants, they are handmade Montreal. These eco-friendly products are suitable for all skin types.

They offer you the opportunity tostop your daily frantic race and take care of your body, as well as your mind, while reconnecting with nature. It is essential to do so.

You will find the best products that you need and that are beneficial for your well-being. They reduce the various ailments that we have on a daily basis. This is possible thanks to the flowers present, such as lavender, and the other ingredients being antioxidants, rich in nutrients.

They are gentle on the skin. For example, you have Dry hot water bottles (Magic flower bags) made from organic fabrics, including dye.







Boutique in Montreal with handmade skin and body care routine products.

The change is now.

The owner and founder of the Médecine du papel boutique in Montreal.

I'm Lisa! Passionate about transformation of medicinal plants, I created Médecine du Papillon.

Everything is done by hand, in Montreal, in my workshop. You will find healthy cosmetics and care products. In short, the products you need to feel good while taking time for yourself every day.

I have always loved being in the creative process and sharing what I make…

" A pure moment of relaxation who makes a GOOD crazy in depth At body et al'soul. »



“Wow, me who never has time For Me

and who lives witheczema, I must say that this bath tea [Cleopatra's Bath] my relaxed and has soothed my skin. I recommend this product to you. He is great ! »

–Katleen LF

Bath with bath tea, Mainson spa ambiance, handmade candle in Montreal
Woman in bathrobe, bathroom, bath, tray with wellness products


Start living for real.

Discover dried flower products on the Online Store or during my next market !

If you can't go to one of the artisan markets in which Médecine du papel participates, you can shop and order your cosmetic products online.

Regarding delivery options, did you know that the Médecine du Papillon boutique offers delivery by bike in Montreal?
Each of them are available all year round. We also deliver across Canada.


You can also follow us on social networks and see all the preparations.

It's always a pleasure to meet you and talk with you. Receiving your feedback always warms our hearts.